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It is now commonly known that California has the perfect growing conditions for Australian native flowers and is now home to many nurseries and plantations such as the Resendiz Brothers of Fallbrook ( )  all specialising in Australian natives and Americans now have access to an abundance of Australian wildflowers and their love affair with our flora doesn't look like abating any time soon. Americans have always been fascinated with Australian flora with their interest being piqued over time by such things as the 1923 D.H. Lawrence novel 'Kangaroo' or their embracing of the Australian Exhibit at the 1939 NY World Trade Fair where the most popular part of the exhibit was a set of Margaret Preston wildflower oil paintings. In 1951 the Australian Government started a campaign to promote our flora by packing Australian natives into refrigerated containers and flying them to New York where they were exhibited for four days at the Lord & Taylor department store which was, at the time, America's biggest store. The Headline's back in Australian read 'Our flowers go on T.V.' Described as an exhibit of Australian wildflowers never before seen in the United States the wildflowers were to be showcased on an American television programme. One of the exhibited natives was the Banksia coccinea described as  'striking red and grey from the rocky hillsides of Western Australia' which is featured in our posy this week. The striking scarlet colour is a stand out in any flower arrangement and we 🖤 when the 'scarlet banksia' is in season! Check out our photo below of our b. coccinea this week or see our posy at

We are Native Bunch!

Australian native flower