Native Bunch | Native Flowers | Tis the Season of the Protea

Native Flowers | Tis the Season of the Protea

The Sydney Flower Market has been awash with Proteas over the past month mainly with the P. Neriifolia more commonly known by names such as Pink Ice, Red Ice and White Ice. Proteas have always been popular.  But it was during the 1920's that the name Protea was attracting a lot of attention. Not as a flower but as a Vaudeville act! In 1927 a major vaudeville attraction was 'Protea' described as a 'beautiful young woman' 18 years of age from Melbourne who was achieving remarkable fame by performing what was described as a kaleidoscopic tableaux in which she would strike a pose to set different scenes from around the world such as "Flowerland" Japan, "Lakes of Killarney" Ireland, "The water mill in summer" Holland and "Moonlight of Gilbratar" Spain. Each pose would see her bathed in assorted colours. It took two years to perfect the electrical machinery needed to created the kaleidoscope of colour but combined with costumes and props costing well in excess of £1000,  (a fortune in 1927!), the beauty of the Act had Australians swarming to the nightly shows. The South African flower Protea was named after the Greek God Proteus who was adaptable and could change into any form and so the stage name Protea was very apt as this is exactly what she did with the use of lighting effects and costumes every performance.

Check out the photo below of some beautiful Proteas that we have used here at Native Bunch in some previous arrangements which you can find on our Past Flowers page at 

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