Native Bunch | Australian Native Flannel Flower

 Native Bunch | Australian Native Flannel Flower

Flannel Flowers Australia

 This week's posy/bunch included the native Flannel Flower. Australians obsession with wildflowers began in the early 1800's. This obsession growing in such strength that the Wildflower & Native Plants Protection Act was introduced to protect the increasingly endangered wildflower species. Even though this Act gave wildflowers in the bush long periods of protection such was Australians obsession  (particularly with the flannel flower affectionately called 'Star') that local courts in and around Sydney were continually full of people caught and fined anywhere between 10/- to £10 for picking the flowers. During the 1920's there was a prolific writer to newspapers who used the non de plume 'BUSHMAN' who frequently begged visitors to the Australian bush to NOT pick the flowers.

In 1922 he wrote:

The Bush around Narrabeen and the far slopes of Middle Harbour is now blooming    with Australia's bush gem, the Flannel Flower. As you return from your sojourn on Saturday and Sunday, you see people with great bunches picked, unfortunately, with small regard for the struggling plants.  You whose hearts are really in the bush will     pass over the small ones and give them an opportunity to reach that fine maturity    which makes the flannel one of the most prized of our native blooms.  -BUSHMAN  (Evening News Sydney NSW Thursday 19 October 1922)

Flannel Flowers in the bush are still a protected species. Here at Native Bunch we 🖤 including the beautiful star-like flannel flower in our bunches thanks to the specialised growers who allow us to enjoy this flower. Check out our latest style using flannel flowers on our website Past Flowers page at 

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Citation:     Newspaper articles found in Trove reproduced courtesy of the National Library   of Australia.