Native bunch | Acts of Kindness - say it with flowers

Native Bunch | Acts of Kindness - say it with flowers

 It is interesting, when delivering a posy or bunch to someone, how they react to the sight of flowers. Some people are more animated than others but all smile. A smile of joy. I haven't come across one person that has not been immediately uplifted by receiving flowers knowing that someone is thinking of them. It seems that giving someone flowers has always been a form of expression - love, sorrow, regret, congratulations. I have even seen someone's sheer delight of a random stranger handing them a flower whilst walking along the street. According to the following newspaper article I recently found printed 1936 flowers  didn't just represent feelings they formed a person's psyche, their soul, their good, their evil! 

                                               Do Flowers Kill the Crime Instinct?

Frankston, Melbourne 17 Oct, 1936: When speaking at the Frankston Horticultural Society's spring show yesterday afternoon the President of the Society, Surgeon-Captain W. J. Carr said that he believed that where there were flower lovers there  was a good district. Those who read detective stories often came across such  titles as 'Murder on the Cricket Field' or 'Murder on the Golf Link' but he was    certain  that no one had ever seen such a title as  'Murder at Flower Show'.     "I believe that  no gardener is ever admitted to Pentridge" said Surgeon-Capt Carr.   "I have heard that the authorities have great difficulty in getting gardeners to look after the gaol garden."  


Perhaps Surgeon-Capt Carr's flower obsession was a little over the top!  However, the beauty of flowers  has always been used to spread kindness and 'saying it with flowers' is really all you need. Here at NativeBunch we  💚 Native Flowers  and enjoy nothing more than passing that 💚 on.  

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